SMARTlabbers become Arts Award Advisers

logoOn the 25th June, a number of SMARTlabbers participated in Arts Award advisor training, which will allow us to facilitate and mentor young people into gaining a recognised Arts qualification.

The Arts Award is a mainstream qualification for all young people aged 11-25 – and is a flexible, achievable way of gaining accreditation for any creative activity being delivered to young people.

To run the Arts Award with young people, mentors need 2 to 3 years experience of working with with young people, and be trained and registered as Arts Award advisers.

The specially commissioned adviser training day on 25th June at Smartlab introduced the Arts Award, how it is delivered to young people in a range of settings, and how moderation works. This training day was aimed at people from Smartlab, Futurelab, and AYME (Association of Young People with ME) in order to provide insights for those who might be involved in developing the Firestarter Arts Academy online project, an initiative by AYME and Ruth Jones to offer Arts Award training to young people with ME, with creative collaboration from SMARTlab.

Now individual advisers are trained we can run the Arts Award in any other settings we work in and can deliver bronze and silver awards.

The trainer Ruth Jones developed the Firestarter Arts Academy project. Ruth is an associate of Arts Award, and a senior trainer/moderator. She is a specialist youth arts trainer and consultant, and develops and manages youth arts projects. Recent work includes an arts/sports pilot project called Football Arts Academy, and has just been commissioned to develop a proposal for Arts Award & London 2012 for Arts Council England / Arts Award.

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SMARTlab’s (& Firestarter Arts Academy) New Arts Award Advisers:

Toby Borland, Dr Deveril, Prof. Lizbeth Goodman, Dr Chris Hales, Rachel Lasebikan, Celine Llewellyn-Jones, Stanislava Mislanova, Kasia Molga, Anna Sophia Schenk, Alison Ooldfield, Futurelab, Lyndsey Grant, Futurelab, Duncan Thomas, Futurelab, Mary Jane Willows, AYME, Martin Malii-Karlsson

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