SMARTLab at JUMP DOCKLANDS, 27th & 28th June ’09

The SMARTLab Digital Media Institute will be showcasing its work at:

Welcome to Trinity Buoy Wharf

as part of the ‘Lives of Buildings Festival‘ at the Mayor’s Story of London Festival, in conjunction with Open House and English Heritage.

27th & 28th June from 11am – 5pm at The Chainstore
Trinity Buoy Wharf, E14 (
Trinity Buoy Wharf is located at East India DLR, just ten minutes from UEL Docklands in a wonderful renovated warehouse overlooking the O2 arena and Canary Wharf.


MAGICbox Rapid Prototyping Workshops with Toby Borland

SMARTlab has transported ‘MAGICbox’- its rapid prototyping unit- to Trinity Buoy Wharf, incorporating several computer-driven development tools that explore the capabilities of desktop prototyping and manufacturing using systems adapted from industrial Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines. These machines have been developed to replace assembly line mass production with a flexible, scalable alternative allowing economical, fast turnaround manufacturing. This same technology has been scaled down to the size of desktop units with the similar capacity of creating physical objects from virtual models.
Toby Borland is Manager of MAGICbox, which has been instrumental in the research and development of design and architecture prototyping at the University of East London. Toby will be running introductory MAGICbox workshops at Jump Docklands.
To learn how to use the MAGICbox book a free workshop at our studios: /

‘Deptford 45s’ by Anita McKeown
Deptford 45s is an ongoing project by artist and PhD student Anita McKeown, that uses the everyday sights and sounds of Deptford given by local residents as inspiration and source materials for a audio-visual psycho-geographic portrait.
Through the use of a market stall and library drop boxes, details of sights and sounds that have meaning or are considered valuable by local residents were gathered. These sites and sounds are effectively audio-visual representations of value held as digital data, which have been re-mixed to create seven three-minute films that make-up Deptford 45s.

The resulting films tell the story of Deptford, SE8 through a portrait of a specific moment in time.
The whole project includes a series of interventions in an around the featured location including listening posts, guerilla screenings and projections, and culminates in an interactive website. The website hosts the original video / audio samples of Deptford enabling a continual remix of the area by both local residents and visitors to the site. This will be completed 16th July 2009 when the samples become accessible to anyone visiting the site.

‘If Only ‘& ‘Crescendo’ by Dr. Christopher Hales
These two sound activated interactive films are installations designed by Dr. Christopher Hales, a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Interactive Film at SMARTlab. This technology shows how integration of sound and vision may be used in future entertainment and storytelling.

Crescendo portrays a trainee opera singer who can smash glass with her voice. She needs to practice her singing, but she needs help from the public. The the film scenes can be changed when the viewer sings a specific note into a microphone. A computer analyses the sound to make sure the sung note is within the tolerated range. In summary, this translates to an interactive film that reacts based on viewer input. If the viewer sings the right note for long enough, the story develops step by step until eventually the screen may appear to smash.

‘If Only’ is a footbal film/game between two participants, controlled by a webcam pointing at the players. The two participants stand on white mats and their movements gives support to their team – the more the players move, the more each player moves forward.

This Event is free. More Info:

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