Cultural Studies Now

Panel 1: Thursday 19 July 1:30 – 3PM

Lizbeth Goodman & Team (SMARTlab) on Lost & Found
The Lost & Found Game is a system to track missing and exploited children and adults invented by SMARTlab as part of their ongoing mobile technologies work. The aim is to utilize cutting edge and future technology tools to mobilize community intervention.

Art for social intervention
Dr Leslie Hill, (SMARTlab/curious) on (Be)Longing
This talk presents the methods behind the live performance and film that together investigate the notion of belonging. The project spans poignant live performance and a documentary made in collaboration with the NSPCC, about a group of inspiring African teenagers who were brought or trafficked into the UK.

Wearable & Mobile Technologies
Camille Baker (BBC/SMARTlab R&D Project) on Mindtouch
The BBC sponsored project works with biofeedback sensor technologies on the bodies of Tai Chi practitioners and Meditators in tandem with mobile phone technology to find unique and meaningful ways to visualize the mind/body activity in various states of movement, stillness and meditation.

Mobile Technologies
Suzanne Stein (SMARTlab/Nokia)
As former thought leader on the subject of design futures in technology and culture for NOKIA Future Foresighting Group, Suzanne will give her thoughts on the relevance and importance of each of the previous three projects presented, and a ‘future foresight’ vision of the next few years in Cultural Studies and Technologies for Social Intervention.

All presenters’ Bios are available >>>

Panel2: Thursday 19 July 4:30 – 6pm

Fan Culture and Gaming
Dr Celia Pearce SMARTlab & Georgia Tech

A presentation of groundbreaking work on ‘Designing Unconventional Games Using Conventional Game Engines’, using her Mermaids game and other Ludica co-productions amongst her examples.

Play Communities
Kristyna Nyzell SMARTlab/LEGO

We explore the uses of LEGO and other play- and learning tools, and their cultural implications for business development, gender and education, and creative innovation.

Gaming and Playculture
Dr Mary Flanagan SMARTlab & Tiltfactor presenting by remote, live from New York
Playculture is a contested arena of ordinary, day-to-day computer-based activities that have passed as invisible and unimportant, even left out of, historical accounts of everyday life. We seek to reassess its value and importance to physical and digital cultural practices.

The Performance of Play
Emma Westecott (Synergy, University of Wales, Newport)
A key dynamic of play is the active involvement of the player in the ongoing evolution of form; the modern player collides with the game system to create the media experience. This performance blurs the boundaries between producer and consumer in that the player simultaneously takes on both roles within the game. As a player I am both producing my experience in the ways in which I express my skill within a particular game play moment whilst simultaneously consuming the results of my actions.

Role-play and Dress-up in Game
Jacki Morie (SMARTlab) presenting by remote, live from Los Angeles
How and why do we dress up to present in Avatar, and in daily life? We discuss the importance of dress-up play as an important form of adult play in both physical and digital cultural practices.

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