‘Reimagining Birth’ at UCD: Symposium on the Visual Culture/Art/History/Design of Childbirth in the 21st Century

DoreenDoreen Balabanoff, SMARTlab-Architecture PhD candidate and Senior Faculty in Design at OCAD University Toronto, has put her professional experience and practice as an architect and artist to new use in the design of a new light-inspired concept for a healthy birthing centre!

As co-convenor of the first international ‘Reimagining Birth’ Symposium at UCD’s Humanities Institute this week, Doreen and colleagues have succeeded in bringing in record numbers of women from the medical, midwifery, art/design and scholarly professions together from around the world to kickstart a new global conversation aimed at putting women back in control of their own birthing processes in safe and light-filled spaces.

For more information, click here.

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