Gayil Nalls – The Smell of a Critical Moment, NY, 11 Feb 2012

Dr Gayil Nalls, SMARTlab associate researcher, olfactory experience designer and PhD graduate, is exhibiting her work, ‘The Smell of a Critical Moment’, at Doorway, Staten Island, New York, closing Saturday 11 February 2012.

The exhibition is concerned with the conjunctions where art, olfaction and politics intertwine. With this work, Gayil Nalls argues that the sense of collective experience has distinct olfactory aesthetics. While predominately imperceptible, the sense of smell allows for a binding power contributing to the sensus communis, or power of the people, demonstrating that the sociocultural zeitgeist or mood of this movement has an olfactory truth. 

Visitors experience chemosensory messages of Occupy Wall Street protestors from T-shirts worn by 99 participants: physical Occupiers, working group members and solidarity marchers.

  • Closing Reception
  • Saturday 11 February 2012
  • 19:00–22:00
  • Curated by: Sophia Marisa Lucas
  • 62 Van Duzer Street
  • Staten Island, New York 10301
  • More details here and on facebook 
  • See Gayil’s 8 Feb 2012 article in Psychology Today, ‘You Stink! Smell and Politics’
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