NESTA/SMARTlab Fellows

NESTA/SMARTlab Fellows and Award Holders

Daniel Blackburn
Yorkshire and Humberside
Daniel Blackburn designs innovative games. His company, Carbon Based Games, provides games for Nokia, among others. He used his Fellowship to explore emerging technologies and the social psychology of gaming.

Gilbert Cockton
Professor Gilbert Cockton is using his NESTA fellowship to explore the meaning, implications and opportunities of “Design as the Creation of Value”. He is comparing this innovation-centred approach with other established views of design, and developing new methods for worth-centred interaction design and evaluation, based on a post-disciplinary synthesis of existing approaches, to be applied in case studies.

Neil Datta
Neil Datta is a graduate in English literature and now a theoretical computer scientist specialising in the mathematical semantics of programming languages. His fellowship supports the preliminary stages of his long-term project to explore the relationship of certain aspects of poetry with mathematics and computing.

Philippe Delcloque
Linguistics expert Philippe Delcloque secured a NESTA Fellowship to develop a revolutionary computer game to encourage children as young as nine to grasp the basics of speaking and understanding French. Drawing also on his expertise in e-learning and entrepreneurship, Philippe aims to create a tool to enhance, or even change, the strategy for teaching elementary language to children.

Brian Duffy
Artist and musician Brian Duffy was given a NESTA Fellowship to collaborate with UK cosmologists and NASA to create innovative projects that further public knowledge of the cosmos.

Paul Granjon
Electronic artist Paul Granjon aims his idiosyncratic work beyond the average contemporary visual arts audience, offering offbeat ways to engage people in arts, science and technology. Since being awarded a NESTA Fellowship, his work continues to be in demand, and he is one of the artists contributing to Game/Play, on tour until January 2008 to explore connections between gallery visitors and online audiences.

Aejaz Zahid
Yorkshire and Humberside
Aejaz Zahid is a biomedical engineer with expertise in Assistive Technology development and an accomplished DJ/electronic music producer. Having studied Music & Media Technologies at Trinity College Dublin, he is currently investigating the use of Assistive Technology in Music and is involved in the development of new computer based musical interfaces for composition and live performance that exploit emerging technologies such as Eye Gaze and Brain Controlled Interaction.

Stephen Manthorp
Yorkshire and Humberside
Stephen Manthorp is an interactive media producer, working in the field of video games and digital arts. He used his Fellowship to explore the social and commercial potential of media technologies.

Simon Schofield
One of the UK ‘s computer graphics pioneers, Simon Schofield received a NESTA award to design software tools delivering unprecedented levels of realism in digital images.

Learning Projects
Blue Room
Simon Wallace
University of Oxford

Making Waves
John Gruzelier, London
Goldsmiths College secured NESTA funding for Making Waves, a research project with Trinity College of Music and schools in Greenwich and Tower Hamlets to evaluate whether learning to control brain rhythms can aid the process of learning to sing or play a musical instrument.
Learning Tapestry / Music and the mind
Professor Nigel Osborne Edinburgh University

Software company Soda Creative’s Sodaconstructor is an online learning tool which enables people to build their own robots and models. With NESTA’s support, they developed a toolkit for creative learning for schools. >> website

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