SMARTlab Project ‘InterFACES’ and MyTobii Technology

SMARTlab Project ‘InterFACES’ and MyTobii Technology

Early this year, I dedicated a post to TRUST: Serious Games Creating A Healing Environment, which focused on the most touching TRUST Project, created by Dr Lizbeth Goodman, Director of the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, University of East London.

The TRUST project is an immersive game and healing environment for young people, with and without disabilities, in and out of hospital. As part of the project, SMARTlab researchers invented a unique haptic chair that moves the bodies of children who cannot control their own movement.

Now, I feel compelled to post on another SMARTlab’s breakthrough.

The InterFACES research team, led by Professor Lizbeth Goodman and Dr Mick Donegan at UEL’s SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, have used a unique Mytobii eye scanning technology application which enables people with severe motor disabilities to compose and perform music simply by moving their eyes.

The InterFACES project has used this pioneering technology to create a ‘soundboard’ or ‘eye harp’ with communication grids and musical interface developed in collaboration with SpecialEffect, UEL PhD students with disabilities and professional musicians.

The SMARTlab team demonstrated the new musical application of the Mytobii technology, in a Live/Online Jam with Colm O’Snodaigh of KILA and special guests including Fay Patton (jazz musician), Clilly Castiglia (SMARTlab), Michela Ledgidge (Modfilms/SMARTlab) and very special guest Sapna Ramnani, who joined the jam using her eyes as her instrument and interface.

The next show is scheduled for Prague, where the team has been invited to present two major research papers at the Leonardo journal special anniversary event for MIT Press this November.

This phase of the InterFACES project was made possible by the Promising Researcher Fund of UEL, drawing on linked research at SMARTlab funded by BBC R&D ad NESTA, and in collaboration with the Oxford ACE Centre and Dr Donegan’s work on the European Commission’s COGAIN Project and his work on games for people with disabilities, through SpecialEffect.

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