STEM Education: SMARTlab’s Anita McKeown, one of 5 guest editors of a special collaborative Media N-edition journal – ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness: Special Media-N edition V.09 N.03

ISEA2012Following on from the successful co-direction of ISEA 2012 Education Track with Agnes Chavez, Anita and Agnes were pleased to be invited to be Guest editors of the Education track for the special edition journal.

The Education track includes submissions from Kenneth Wesson – Independent Education consultant, Linda Weintraub – Artist Curator and Author, Ariane Koek – Collide @ CERN, Nettrice R. Gaskins – Georgia Tech and a collaborative paper from Daria Tsoupikova with Helen-Nicole Kostis, Tina Shah, and Brenda Lopez Silva, members of Media Art Group.

Anita’s own submission is included in the journal – ‘The Matter of Technology – Why it Matters’  an AV presentation, introduced by ISEA 2012’s Director Andrea Polli. The submission presents the panel Anita convened at ISEA 2012, taking a closer look at the environmental impact of our relationship with technology within artistic practice.

The publication is freely available online, with a print on demand edition via Lulu publishers. Both editions can be accessed here:

The art-technology conference has produced in collaboration with New Media Caucus a special edition journal exploring the symposium’s thesis via its seven tracks: 1­­–Wildlife: Trans-Species Habitats, 2–The Cosmos: Radical Cosmologies, 3–Creative Economies: Econotopias, 4–Power: Gridlocked, 5–Transportation: Dynamobilities, 6–Latin American Forum, 7–Education Program, 8–Artists’ Talks and other papers.

Through this specially devised format, the journal presents essays by invited ISEA2012 authors as well as a number of selected, peer-reviewed papers submitted as a result of a specific call to ISEA2012 symposium participants.

From the onset, Media-N aspired to publish essays that extended beyond the conference proceedings as works-in-progress, and a year later, we are proud to present the results of our partnership: a selection of full-length papers that, grouped together, serve as a reader on ISEA2012’s achievement in drawing attention to prominent environmental problems, and to the possible solutions explored by artists, scholars, and technologists in a diverse range of communities today. The other co-guest editors were Andres Burbano, Agnes Chavez, Andrea Polli, and Stephanie Rothenberg


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