SMARTlab’s Gayil Nalls’ latest article in Psychology Today

flashmob-robinsDr Nalls’ article, Flashmob Robins, formed as a result of a twelve-week period of field observations of North American robins. Nalls looked at how the birds signal and communicate with one another, coordinating acts of collective behaviour to more safely access food sources and escape predators. She has been looking at similarities between animal behaviour and human behaviour, to form theories about what underlies the human collective behaviour of flash mobbing.

Dr Nalls began her doctoral investigations of Collective Behaviour while at SMARTlab: Central Saint Martins, before transferring to the University of East London and turning her multidisciplinary research focus to the aesthetics and science of olfaction, as chemical communication is a supporting mechanism of collective behaviour. Dr Nalls is a member of the Society for Social Neuroscience.

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