Research Clusters

SMARTlab is organised into 9 research clusters, each of which is led by one academic faculty member, and some of which are co-directed by close colleagues in industry (as appropriate). The membership of the clusters overlaps to a great extent, as most researchers and PhD students are active in more than one cluster and on more than one interdisciplinary project. The clusters are currently organised under three main headings, as follows:

I. Creative Technology Innovation – Inclusive Design and Learning for All

A. Future Emerging Tech and Learning Tech

B. HCI and Robots

C. Multimodal Interfaces and Assistive Tech for Healing

II. Performance and Creative Arts – Live and Online

A. Live and Multimedia Performance

B. Interactive Films, Art Works and Narratives

C. Curatorial Practices and Methodologies/SMART-fashion and Sustainability

III. Creative Industries in Theory and Practice

A. Virtual Worlds and Experience Design

B. Game Studies and Interfaces for Gaming/Mobile Platforms

C. Ecologies of Practice and Creative Syntax

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