Cultúr Lab


About Cultúr Lab

Establishing new platforms for cultural and intellectual exchange


University College Dublin and Dublin City Council are delighted to work together on a strategic alignment that will bring the two institutions closer together to collaborate on a number of different platforms. Both organisations recognise the importance culture and knowledge production play at a local, national and global level and have united to explore new opportunities for public engagement.

Cultúr Lab seeks to open up the university and knowledge creation by developing cultural portals across the city along with digital platforms in order to promote access, outward collaboration and engagement.

Mission statement

Cultúr Lab showcases Ireland’s vast wealth of intellectual and cultural capital, promoting cutting edge, publically engaged, and innovative ways of building on the synergies between the city, university, creative communities, and private enterprise.

We connect the university and the city.

We create cultural encounters that stimulate creativity and learning.

We mobilise research, creativity and skills.

We collaborate with stakeholders to generate and share ideas, knowledge and content.

We support and nurture creative entrepreneurialism.

We create new platforms for the expression of creativity (physical and virtual).

We participate in the formulation of public policy.

Cultúr Lab promotes the concept of a porous university, broadening the traditional academic remit of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to encompass the practitioner, an emphasis on new models of partnership, exploring options for new skillsets for graduates, and instigating a major shift in traditional approaches to the Arts and Humanities as well as the production of culture.

For more information check Cultúr Lab’s website.

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