Student Presentations: Kasia


“This will be an egocentric artist presentation about me”
Title of Thesis: The embodiment of the notion of interdependence and visual, interactive and digital manifestation of this notion in mixed media art forms informed by painting.

Showed a few of her paintings whilst studying in Poland. And some animations. Something was missing when she was painting which is why she looked at animation. It’s a lot of work for a short result. Timeconsuming, badly paid, not accepted in the art or film worlds. She gave it up and tried ‘new media’. Loved it, it combined her skills. But it was still not enough!

So, she came back to animation and tried to make it accepted in art practice. In an exhibition she made a single large visual real-life image out of numerous individual frames. She wanted to wrap it round the world. How about 10 exhibitions in 10 galleries worldwide? Very impractical (finance etc) but the idea of reaching loads of people round the world was good. So she looked at mobile phones. People could download animations and even send them to each other to ‘collect’ the whole movie. But it wasn’t really possible at the time…

However the mobile phone idea was good – so a new idea of spectators actively communicating/engaging with the look of a visual artwork by eg. SMS. She made a work where audiences could send a postcode by SMS which changed the artwork – and the artwork wrote back an SMS. She made several such works.

Still not happy enough. Too much about the technology. Went back to traditional art style by printing computer imagery onto canvas.

A year ago she was invited to exhibit in Berlin. Whilst sketching something fell into place. She realised PATTERN was her interest. a structure or system built out of single elements/digits……Metaphor for the notion of interdependence – configuration where we all have a meaning and depend …” In fact this issue was always there, unnoticed, in her earlier work.

In October 2007 ( PhD Seminar time) she was working on a piece which again used mobile phones, but wanted it to have meaning – not just technology. So she went back to sketching. Went on holiday sketching on the beach, and returned to London to prepare for Feb08 Seminar, then she got the next revelation. The phrase “ a multi-layered existence of a digital piece of art”. So the strong thing she wants to communicate is “interdependence” Everyone uses the word “interdependence” but don’t really think about it’s meanings.

Kasia’s layers: conceptual, tactile, essence, source, virtual (etc. etc. etc. )

So even Kasia’s own practice is interdependent. She is quite traditional in her approach to Fine Art, which creates actual artefacts.

“Breaking News” installation project started coming together. Placing broadcast news stories and people’s personal stories into a visually represented landscape in which the broadcasters words are animated in the sea and the people’s words become other animated elements . The installation can be placed in various locations simultaneously, so that “interdependence” can occur. On top of everything she’d like to make sure that the new media artefact has a great aesthetic quality.

Q: (turlif) is it in Flash, do you do the coding? A: Yes, in Flash, first 3 I did myself but the current one is done by a hired programmer.

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