The Illusion of Intelligence short film wins Best Student Video Award at the AAAI 2012 Video Competition

Queen-MaryThe Illusion of Intelligence, a short film by SMARTlab PhD student Karolina Zawieska with Bart Kevelham, Maher Ben Moussa and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann has won the Best Student Video Award at the AAAI 2012 Video Competition, held in conjunction with the AAAI-12 Conference in Toronto Canada, July 22–26 2012.

The short film, shot at MIRALab – University of Geneva, shows some of the results of a pilot study into the role of imagination in Human-Robot Interaction, and features Eva, a human-like robot interacting with participants in the study. The film was created in order to discuss the human tendency to anthropomorphise machines, in particular to project intelligence onto robots.

The Illusion of Intelligence was made with the support of Dr Brian R. Duffy and music is by Pierre Jolivet.

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