Taey Kim presentations and exhibitions, Bangor and Korea, 7 – 27 September 2012

installation_taeyTaey Kim, a SMARTlab PhD candidate and artist, is an invited speaker at the ‘Cultural Translation and East Asia: Film, Literature and Art’ conference at the University of Bangor, 7–8 September 2012. She will present a paper entitled ‘Live as if Untranslated: Ghostwriters and the Artistic Interstice’, on the panel of Art, Practice and Cinema, which she will chair.

Taey will also present new artworks at the exhibition ‘Language but no Words’, at the Space Mom Museum in Chungju, South Korea, from 7 to 27 September. The eponymous art book, including Taey’s contribution, ‘It’s ok to fall’, a short travelogue inspired by a journey in Ireland, will be available at the museum.

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