Sunday Times feature on Dr Mick Donegan and eye-gaze technology

The Sunday Times ran a half-page feature (click image for larger view) in April on Dr Mick Donegan’s work with the Tobii eye-gaze system, as part of the SMARTlab’s InterFACES project (putting a human face on new technologies for learning and communication). Much of Dr Donegan’s work is targeted at raising awareness of the possibilities that this technology offers, as a means of communication for people with serious disabilities who otherwise could not communicate, and as a computer interface for those who otherwise couldn’t interact with a computer. Having transformed lives through his charity SpecialEffect and his work as co-PI on InterFACES, Dr Donegan’s main aim now is to bring this technology into the mainstream, making it more affordable and widely available. Dr Donegan is the Leader of the SMARTlab’s Multimodal and Assistive Technologies Research Group.

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