Spaces “between” Access and Excess – A resource at SMARTlab for the critical formation of urban spaces

The Spaces “between” project is both a resource for all those who wish to situate themselves conceptually in UK policy, or physically in the Docklands, and is also a series of small and large scale activities, research projects and events which aim to contribute to the critical formation of urban spaces.

The 21st century is regarded as the urban century further and beyond what previous years have seen. Together with environmental issues and technological innovation, urban “growth” is predicted to preoccupy most of our attention whether we are artists, scientists or technologists and more so if we are concerned with inclusion, accessibility or social justice.

Some would say between access and excess there is a fine line. The Spaces “between” wants to investigate all there is in between, narrowing the gap in accessibility and exposing the impacts of excess…technology, consumption, production, speed, etc.

The Spaces “between” Access and Excess is situated in MAGIC within the Knowledge Dock building and is currently operated by Babak Davarpanah Varnosefadarani who is a critical urban planner as well as the Networking Manager for SMARTlab.

Babak is an international consultant and a local analyst of urban neighbourhood development, with focus on innovative ways of nurturing community cohesion and sustainability. His immediate project is to produce a “map fan” of the Thames Gateway with help from MAGICbox, but there is plenty more on the virtual drawing board…

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