SMARTlab’s Petra Klusmeyer’s curated series

The exhibition and performance event Sonic Peripheries #5 (Sound in the Virtual) opened on July 7, 2011 at the Gallery Artist-in-Residency Stuhr-Heiligenrode, Bremen, Germany, as part of the practice-based research project, ‘Sonic Art Practices in the Expanded Field,’ by SMARTlab PhD student Petra Klusmeyer.

The research for ‘Sonic Art Practices in the Expanded Field’ aims to explore acoustic practices in the arts with respect to an in-between space. David Strang, UK sound/digital media artist, was invited to investigate the topic along with the researcher during a two-week art laboratory. The pair pursued the question: which ways does sound in the virtual affect our perception and understanding of reality? Throughout the residency, sonic site and sonic territory were explored through gathering field recordings and environmental data with the aim of allowing site-specific materials to have an influence on the site. As part of the performance event visitors were invited to engage with the sonic artefacts in the gallery (e.g. construction of analogue tape loops) and to participate in an exploration of the acoustic milieu (gallery, water mill, park) through an activity entitled ‘Performative Encounter’ which should afford a glimpse of the sonic virtual realm. Observations and experiences were documented and discussed as part of the event.

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