Invitation to join the SPIRES (Supporting People who Investigate Research Environments and Spaces) network

Alison Williams invites the SMARTlab network to become members of SPIRES (Supporting People who Investigate Research Environments and Spaces), a multi-disciplinary community of researchers with expertise in enhancing the physical, technological and social aspects of research environments, working across industry, academia and leisure. Alison is helping to run the network, based in Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

Membership of SPIRES is free, and offers a number of benefits:

  • access to SPIRES events: seminars, workshops, conferences and learning journeys
  • funding to attend SPIRES and other events, and to visit other research facilities
  • members’ profiles and information
  • networking between members, including INSPIRES links for research work and for social links
  • reports and videos of grant recipients’ work

There are interesting projects afoot (notably INSPIRES, which looks at data and semantic visualisation), and some exciting funding opportunities (SPIRES funded Alison’s visit to Atlanta in November 2011, to carry out research and attend a conference).

The next SPIRES conference, ‘Social Issues in Research Environments‘, takes place on 26–27 April 2012 in Edinburgh. The theme, examining the social aspects of research and how to work with a supervisor or candidate, touches us all. There are some great keynotes from the US and Australia. A flyer is available on the website:

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