Forthcoming Publications by Dr Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Announced July ’09

Two forthcoming book chapters by Dr Esther MacCallum-Stewart:

26835_Carlisle_Encyclopedia_of_Play_3D_72ppiRGB_150pixwThe Encyclopaedia of Play (SAGE) (In press: August 2009)

This major encyclopaedia contains a significant contribution by Esther MacCallum-Stewart on the role of video games and of warfare in games. Titles include larger entries on the sociology of mock warfare in games, and the psychology of the wargame, as well as a larger essay on the seminal tabletop roleplaying text, Dungeons and Dragons. Specific entries on Runescape, Counter-Strike, Maple Story, Napoleon, Battlefield 1942 and Silk Road Online are also included.

Ringbearers: The Lord of the Rings as Online as Intertextual Narrative.(co-edited with Tanya Kryzwinska and Justin Parsler), Manchester University Press.

As online gaming continues to develop in scope, this book examines the role of a single text – Turbine’s Lord of the Rings: Online (2007-present). Unlike many of the other titles currently available, LOTR:O is in a unique position, coming as it does from the rich history created around Tolkien’s original books by films, previous games and popular culture. This book therefore examines the game both in the context of online gaming, and the other texts that surround it. Chapters include work on pageantry, roleplay, MMORPG design, mythology, adaptation and machinima. The book follows the success of the authors’ previous contributions to the World of Warcraft Reader by trying to provide a definite series of texts analysing the growing complexity of online gaming.

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