‘Belonging’ – A new film to launch by PhD Student Sapna Ramnani

PhD Student Sapna Ramnani is launching her latest film ‘Belonging’ this month; a thirty minute documentary that discovers what it is to be Sindhi living in Britain and the challenges of preserving cultural identity for people without a homeland. Her film discusses western influence on different generations of Sindhis and the role of a Sindhi community organization in assisting to preserve Sindhi culture in Britain.

“Sindhis are direct descendants of Mohenjo Daro 5000 B.C, one of the oldest civilisations in the world. With the formation of Pakistan in 1947, 1.1 million Sindhis became refugees; generations which have followed are settled in the countries across the world, approximately 5000 of which add to the present multicultural diversity in Britain today.” says Sapna.

Sapna hosted a private screening of her documentaries ‘Belonging’ and ‘The Great Illusion’ on the 20th September 2008. Further announcements will be made on public screenings later in the year.

‘The Great Illusion’ is a ten-minute documentary that explores how the members of the Hare Krishna Movement perceive reality, and their notions of reincarnation. It is set in the beautiful location of Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford and also uncovers the life of Swami A.C. Prabhupada, the founder of the Hare Krishna Movement.

Sapna’s PhD with SMARTlab aims to develop and test a way to use the Mytobii eye-gaze interface to allow Sapna and ultimately also many other filmmakers with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities, to make and edit their own films using Final Cut Pro. . .

Contact Sapna Ramnani: sapnaramnani@yahoo.co.uk
To see Sapna Ramani’s work please go to: www.sapnaramnani.com

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