Alison Williams to present at the 7th Creativity and Cognition Conference (CC09), CA, USA, October ’09

CreativeSyntax25_smallPhD student Alison Williams will be presenting a tutorial and a 2-page poster at the Creativity & Cognition conference in Berkeley this October ’09.

The 7th Creativity and Cognition Conference (CC09) embraces the broad theme of Everyday Creativity. This year the conference will be held at the Berkeley Art Museum (CA, USA).

Her tutorial will be on “The Creative Footprint” – a concept emerging from her PhD research. It will invite participants to identify their own unique creative footprint and make preliminary designs for a personal working space that actively supports participants own creative footprint and that of their colleagues and collaborators.

The poster will provide the more detailed research findings that the concept is founded on.

The image attached encapsulates the idea of the creative footprint – a space unique to each person, comprised of the same flexible elements of physical ‘press’ or environment.

Alison Williams:

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