“Women Writing Africa. The Northern Region” Edited by Fatima Sadiqi, Amira Nowaira, Azza El Khouly and Moha Ennaji, released from the Feminist Press (New York) January 2009

In this volume, the editors have recovered the lost voices of North African women and, as a consequence, have restored their rich cultural and historical legacies.

The volume covers six countries – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania and Sudan, and contains over one hundred texts from nine languages. It includes works from 3000 BC to the present; from an Egyptian Queen’s marriage proposal to contemporary women promoting new marriage and family laws. In addition to Berber poetry and oral history, much prose in the volume is original, and many names will resonate with modern readers.

To order a copy visit The Feminist Press, CUNY.

Fatima Sadiqi is a SafetyNET’s founding members. She is Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies, Director General of the Fes Festival of Sacred Music and Director of Isis Center for Women and Development. www.fatimasadiqi.on.ma>>>

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