Times Higher Awards 2008 shortlists InterFACES for ‘Outstanding Support for Students With Disabilities’

Times Higher Awards 2008 shortlists InterFACES for ‘Outstanding Support for Students With Disabilities’>> October ’08

SMARTlab’s InterFACES was one of just six British university projects nominated for this year’s prestigious THE (Times Higher Education) Awards 2008.

The award nomination recognised the innovative research work that SMARTlab does in developing new technologies, multimedia interfaces and other tools to empower and give voice to the world’s vulnerable and disadvantaged communities including children in hospital, youth at risk, women in developing countries, aboriginal peoples, elderly citizens and people with disabilities.

In particular Principal Investigator Dr. Mick Donegan, Co-PI Professor Lizbeth Goodman and the research team James Brosnan, Dr Brian Duffy, Dr Rachel Armstrong, Bobby Byrne, Camille Baker, Toby Borland, Sapna Ramnani, Jeremi Sudol, Aejaz Zahid, Jana Riedel, Vanessa Wiegand et al have all been recognized for their outstanding work on InterFACES – Setting free creative expression for students with the most complex disabilities.

We would especially like to thank Microsoft and Tata for jointly sponsoring our second Awards table, including the cost of flying in James Brosnan (our collaborator and user-tester with Cerebral Palsy) and his assistant from Dublin for the event. Microsoft and Tata are committed to the roll out of SMARTclubs for the world’s digital citizens, including people with disabilities.

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