SMARTlab’s contributions to Serious Games featured on CNBC Europe.


A serious virtual worlds segment will air on CNBC at 19:30 on Friday (UK Time). It should include interviews shot at the SGI last year.
The segment is part of the World Business programme which is broadcast three times over the weekend at the following central European Times (one hour earlier if you are in London)

Friday 20:30 (CET) Saturday 22:30 (CET) Sunday 22:30 (CET)
After airing on CNBC, the show is then syndicated to Sky, TV New Zealand, Euronews, PBS-TV in the US and 17 other national broadcasters around the world. I’m afraid we will not receive advance notice of when these stations plan to air the show but it will be within 7 days of premiering on CNBC.

Don’t worry if you miss it.  The segment will be available on the Now Communications website for download once it is broadcast – <>

Commercial Use: Please note that the show’s producers reserve usage rights.  If, after seeing the segment, you’d like to use it in presentations and / or for publicity Now Communications can arrange for commercial licences if required.

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