SMARTlab’s Anita McKeown consulting for Agnes Chavez / STEM Arts in developing the LANL STEM Challenge

Queen-MarySMARTlab’s Anita McKeown has been continuing her collaborative relationship with Agnes Chavez of STEM Arts, who has been commissioned by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to develop the STEM Challenge as part of their 70th anniversary celebrations.

During December 2012– February 2013 Anita acted as a consultant in the development of the LANL STEM Challenge: which aims to Envision the next 70 years of discovery. The challenge is a competition for middle and high school students living in Northern New Mexico. The STEMlab challenge builds on the ISEA2012 curriculum tool on which Chavez and Mckeown collaborated for the International Symposium on Electronic Arts 2012, while encouraging students to develop new ideas to address the challenges of the future.

Students are encouraged to engage in active research with the Laboratory to find out what LANL is all about, whether via the competition website, the Laboratory’s website, or through social networking, book study or by any other means. Students are highly motivated and encouraged to apply their own creativity and talent in engaging with this exciting learning tool, developed by the Millennium Project to provide 15 global challenges to help grasp real world problems facing humanity.

The LANL STEMlab challenge is now live! – visit LANL STEM Challenge to find out more.

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