[Show & Tell] New programme of seminars planned from September 2009

Gut Feelings 2
Gut Feelings Seminar with Dr Leslie Hill, June '09

Following our recent successful Show & Tell seminars this year:

Digital Art, Wearable Technology and Extra-Sensory Media in March, and

Gut Feelings’- A SMARTlab Cocktail Seminar with Dr Leslie Hillthis June,

SMARTlab will be hosting regular sessions with our research team and affiliates at the lab here in London Docklands from September ’09.

These seminars will highlight the extensive research we do on and off-site within the creative industries, and the community engagement projects we are developing.

Dates will be announced in September ’09. Expect to see seminars on subjects such as ‘Gender in online worlds’ (why boys play girls, why female avatars are so popular, how the industry is changing towards the female player) or ‘Bad’ players and bed behaviour in online worlds’.

To book future SMARTlab Show & Tell seminars please visit: http://www.eventbrite.com/org/171982509?s=1178213 (Available dates from September ’09)

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