SMARTlab Faculty Named as Honorary Affiliated Professors

Professor Lizbeth Goodman and Dr Jackie Morie (SMARTlab PhD graduate and Senior Researcher/Team Leader at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technology) will be presenting on the programme (see downloadable flyer) in Seattle, at the University of Washington, from 13 to 15 June. They will work with collaborators including Dr Crispin Thurlow of the University of Washington to lead interactive PhD lectures and working sessions, and will conduct informal pre-interviews for prospective students for the new Thematic PhD and the new MA in Creative Technology Innovation. Dr Morie will lead an interactive session on ‘Virtual Worlds for Learning’ Using Biosensor Input Data, as an example of the kinds of interactive media workshops that take place during the Dublin PhD seminars. Professor Goodman will introduce the SMARTlab, and will discuss the inter-disciplinary methodologies and practicalities for international students who will visit Dublin several times a year as part of the validated programme.

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