SMARTlab Christmas Party


Please join us for the SMARTlab Christmas Party on Friday, 4th of December 2009 at 7pm at Rama’s fabulous place. Address is 4M Group LTD, 101 Southwark Street, London SE1 0JF (see the map below). Don’t be shy to dress up! Some catering and wine will be provided. But you can bring some drinks too. Ah, Camille and Kasia will show their wonderful artworks too. You know, this is a pretty arty group. 🙂 See you all there!

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MINDTouch: Mobile Social Vjing >>> Camille Baker
Come play with your mobile phone, make lives streaming mixes that you VJ with your friends, remotely and stream back to your phone… bring-your-mobile-and-vj-with-the-world!

camilleThere will be 2-3 different groups/ activities in a “party-like” / social environment / participatory event in a live setting and the remote group can contribute their videos or watch the mixes remotely. Some participants will be wearing the biofeedback sensors for this activity and guided through various movement and sensory activities, some capturing live video to stream to the server to be live VJ-ed or mixed, some will be remotely interacting – all to contribute to and influence the collective, collaborative live cinema experience on their mobile phones.

“Serendipitous Pieces” and “Peregrinations” >>> Kasia Molga
kasia2Some old and some new artworks by Kasia Molga, for pure enjoyment as well as available for sale with all profit donated to the “Hidden Africa” project. “Hidden Africa” is a non-profit organization focusing on creative knowledge exchange between England and The Gambia and in the future with other African countries. This project will facilitate cultural and educational exchange of skills, concepts, techniques and subjects in context of art, design and technology benefiting, strengthening and energising communities in The Gambia and beyond.

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