[Science Gallery in Dublin] EyeLight Music

DATE: 22.01

TIME: 20.00

LOCATION: Paccar Theatre, Science Gallery

COST: free

EyeLight Music
SMARTlab, Futurelab, SpecialEffect, Kila, CRC and Trinity College Dublin

Seven world renowned musicians (Colm and Ronan O’Snodaigh, Dee Armstrong & Martin Brunsden of Kila, Robbie Perry of Dead can Dance, Juliet Turner, & Steve Cooney of the Sinead O’Connor band) will perform live with James Brosnan & Katy Gilligan (creative ollaborators with severe Cerebral Palsy), who will take an equal part in this big music and dance jam by using their eyes to operate a musical system using 4 infrared red light sources to enable the computer to interpret eye movement as an interface to musical engagement.

Lizbeth Goodman (SMARTlab/Futurelab Director) & Bobby Byrne (Counterbalance Dance) will perform with James and Katy to show the possibilities for movement vocabularies controlled by eyes. The 30 minute show will include two original songs written with and for James & Katy, both of which will feature on the forthcoming album, Soshin, recorded by members of Kila (to be released in the Spring of 2009).

The show will begin with a brief lecture/introduction by Professor Goodman and Dr Mick Donegan, co-PIS of the InterFACES project which aims to put a human face on technology for sustainable creative futures.

Audiences at the show will see how the Mytobii eyegaze system enables musical and movement-based interaction for people with severe physical disabilities. The installation will remain in the gallery for the duration of LightWave09, with looping video streams of the performance for the exhibition month, and with weekly hands-on and eyes-on workshops with the Mytobii for people interested in learning more about this groundbreaking new light-based technology.

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