Recent Publications, July ’09

Routledge CompanionThe Routledge Companion to Science Fiction

041545378X (hardback)

Esther MacCallum-Stewart has written a chapter with Professor Tanya Kryzwinska (University of Brunel) on video games and science fiction. It looks at the history of science fiction in video games and discusses how the two genres are integral to each other. Whilst games do not need to contain science fiction, it has remained a persistent, and popular subject for the medium.

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GreenwoodThe Greenwood Encyclopaedia of Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy

0-313-33589-3 (hardback, 2 volumes)

This two volume set is the definitive guide to science fiction and women.  Esther MacCallum-Stewart has written sections that contain work on online gaming, history and warfare in science fiction, sword and sorcery science fiction fantasy, and the quest narrative, adding a vital part to this comprehensive text.

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simulation and gamingHardcore meets Simulation and Gaming

Esther MacCallum-Stewart is now editing a regular column for Simulation and Gaming, which will replace DiGRA’s Hardcore column. The column will provide news and commentary from Games Studies around the world. Simulation and Gaming is now celebrating its 40th Anniversary, and Esther is publishing two further articles this year on the divergent topics of Stealth Learning in Games, and Sex in Games! The journal also has a peculiar honour; both Esther and her mother have now published in it! Linda MacCallum-Stewart was one of the first proponents of incorporating management games and simulation into training exercises in the 1970s.

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