Prof Lizbeth Goodman delivers keynote speech at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, Germany


On Friday, the 4th of December, during the conference, ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, Prof Lizbeth Goodman, will be delivering a keynote speech as part of the Plenary Session on the topic: “Hindsight, Insight, Forseight, Oversight…:A Call for Learning Futures”. Her talk will focus on 21st Century Learning for All: Innovative Tools and Methods in Practice-Based Education for People of All Ages and Abilities.

ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, the 15th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training, will be taking place from the 2-4 December 2009 in Berlin, Germany, representing the largest global e-learning conference for the corporate and public service sectors in education and training. Under the motto of “Innovate, Share, Succeed“, around 2200 participants from over 90 countries will discuss the latest developments in e-learning, including next generation learning strategies, contemporary virtual learning, mobile learning, new e-learning business models and open source developments. Additionally, trends such as Docu Games, Web 3.0 and affective computing, as well as storytelling will be addressed. Numerous workshops, seminars, debates and demonstrations will take place together with new interactive formats, such as the “Computer Lab“, which encourage intensive participant involvement.

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* The presentation of Lizbeth Goodman is available in full in this link.

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