Presentation: Halina Gottlieb

Halina Gottlieb: an exploration of physical interfaces such as toys that help children move through museums with a personalised focus; introduction of a number of Interactive Institute projects invented by Halina, to show the spaces beyond paintings, discussion of the role of the creator in collaborative interactive installations, emphasis on the role of the artist and cultural worker within an interactive experience design model, et al.

Questions: Chris: Can you talk us through the connection between these installations made for the Interactive Institute and your own PhD themes?

Discussion of the originating impulse and processes of managing the original ideas within larger collaborative

Cathy asked about the role of gender in the workshops – the numbers of boys and girls interacting and the ways in which in other art forms such as dance the gender balance leads to very important cultural valuations of the system

Sara mentions ZKM and also the San Jose Science Museum as two museums that might offer useful frameworks for comparison; how are you mapping out the comparative contexts in order to place your work? The arguments about the role of artists and designers working in this context are well made- but perhaps you need to develop a section on the specific benefits of your work in this context? Also a mention of Ron Wakkary’s writings on interpretive tools for museums.

Clilly mentions the timescales of the projects and means for following through and measuring outputs. . .

Discussion of comparative models. . .

Babak asked about the possibilities of crossing paths for specific navigation systems. .
Leslie asked for an academic framing of the work, to place the case studies in a scholarly context

Halina discussed the case study analysis as the methodology for the work

Lizbeth asked for a summary of the original scholarly contribution to be made by the project. Discussion. Agreement that the work is leading in interesting directions, and now needs shoring up to summarise the scholarly contributions and forms of deliverables for the final submission.


Halina Gottlieb (middle)

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