Past Events Archive 2003

December 2003

Dec 22 SMARTlab Holiday Daredevil Extravanganza; TRAPEZE ON ICE 2003
Dec 4-9 DUBLIN RESIDENCY at Media Lab Europe – rehearsal of the new ANIMA OBSCURA show
Dec16-20 Galway/Limerick tour and rehearsals for Felichean II

TRUST II: LEGO joined the team for r&d into 3d interfaces. . .
TRUST project motion capture experiments at NYU and Implementation with the Children’s Health Fund, New York


2 September: the Felichean Flies!

Performance involving 16 young people with disabilities across Ireland in real time telematic linked performances, with Fluxusdance and Counterbalance (dance/community project funded by Arts & Disability Ireland) – a major collaboration with Media Lab Europe’s MindGames Research Group + the NY CATlab, Fluxus, Counterbalance and the Central Remedial Clinic, Dublin.

November 2003

2003 Oct Lizbeth did the recce for the planned Spring 2004 residency in Phoenix. (see above) ACCESS will be installed at Ars Electonica in Linz during the festival, sept. 6-11, and the exhibition lasts until sept 21. the project was awarded Honorary Mention in Interactive Art.

September 2003

2003 Sep 5 Dr Goodman joindc Ahktar Badshah of the Digital Partnership at the UN (New York) on 5 September to work with international guests dedicated to the ongoing Digital Diaspora Project. see

2003 Sep 3 Goodman delivered a keynote address to the Assistive Technologies Conference, Dublin. This work is created jointly by the SPIRITlevel team, led by SMARTlab with Media Lab Europe, the Central Remedial Clinic Dublin, the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, the NYU CATlab, the Chilren’s Health Fund of New York, et al.

2003 Sep 11 PHOENIX RISING stream from New York (Ground Zero) to London (SMARTlab) to the ISAin Phoenix: artists from the New York Stuido School worked off site with professional artists Gayil Nalls and Daria Dorusch to gather stories and make interactive media from the Ground Zero site.

This work has been archived for future inclusion in the Bodysense rehabilitation workshop from Phoenix, AZ: live stream online.

2003 Aug 31 – 3 Sep 3

Assistive Technologies Major Conference: AAATE Conference Dublin: SPIRITLEVEL team participating and performing with the children of the CRC on the night of Tuesday 2 September


Project Integration Retreats in New York, mid-late September.


June 2003

2003 June – July SUMMER CONSOLIDATION OF BODY AND SPIRIT: writing up phases for all projects and publications


SMARTlab and CATlab work with Petra Kuppers of Olimpius Arts, Anita McKeown of SMARTlab & Clilly Castiglia of CATlab, leading a playshop for artists with disabilities in Liverpool, as part of the Disability Arts Festival, Performance of work by participating artists using SPIRITLEVEL technologies on 28 May, 6pm|

18-21 May, BREATHING SPACE: bringing TRUST and PHOENIX RISING to the children of Dublin and activating the live link with colleagues from Media Lab Europe

10-12 May 03, TRUST III:

New York, TRUST project feedback phase and convergent media workshops

2003 May 7 INNOVATION CENTRE LAUNCH & OPENING of EXHIBITION: details to be announced

April 2003

27 April – 3 May 03, PHOENIX RISING RESIDENCY Playshop & Performance Trial: Lizbeth Goodman and team take up an artist in residency post as part of the National Endowment for the Arts funded project on BodySense: creating an online performance and creation space linking children in the desert to children in New York: the Phoenix Project. . . Rising From the Ashes (linking two communities of children with difficulties breathing, due to fire exposure and pollution from catastrophe. The Phoenix flies for the Arizona children and meets the characters that inhabit the world of the TRUST project for children in New York)

2003 April 25-27 DNET: London, the LUX DNET Artist Film Festival: SMARTlab hosting a panel 2003 April 19-23 TRUST II: TRUST project live playshops at the Monetefiore Children’s Hospital NY

2003 April 16 TRUST II: SMARTlab, all graduate student joint supervisions and reports / assessments

2003 April 15 CIVIC EVENT: Jill Dolan et al speak at the Civic, followed by a 5pm cocktail seminar on Practice-based Phd models UK and USA (at the SMARTlab-invitation only)

2003 April 14 CIVICcentre EVENT: London Science Museum Forum SMARTlab chairing a session on new technologies

for the CIVICcentre; reclaiming the right to performance (

2003 April 13 London: DAY Retreat Seminar for SMARTlab Phds and supervisors

4 April Gabrielle Roth dance/wellness workshop in New York

2003 March 27-29 PUBLIC ART at Eyebeam: Collaborating artist Marie Sester opens her new project at Eyebeam, NY

March 2003

29 March – 2 April BODYSENSE residency part I in Phoenix

13 March – all week, SEED: International Women’s Day/Awareness week: SEED celebration

Feburary 2003

2003 Feb 26 – March 2

DEAF03: Knitted Europe Festival in Rotterdam including SMARTlab presentations and Graduate Seminar – see details of Code Zebra performances and RADICAL presentations on the DEAF site.

2003 Feb 8-12 TRUST I: Implementation with the Children’s Health Fund, New York

18-19 Feb, SPIRITLEVEL: Dublin – CRC Implementation/PLAYSHOP for children with CP and SB using SPIRITlevel technologies

2003 Feb 22 ANJALI New York premiere, Wooster St., NY

2003 Feb 19-22 New York – Children’s Health Fund implementation meetings

2003 Feb 18 Dublin – Media Lab/CR implementation meeting

2003 Feb 14 FRAMEWORK VI Inter-Faces project team meeting at BT (Ipswich)

2003 Feb 12-13 SMARTshell retreat for global classmates development (Macromedia, Ivisit & BBC)

2003 Feb 10-11 BBC RETREAT regarding convergent media


2003 Feb 6 Dublin CRC and Media Lab Europe planning meetings for SPIRITLEVEL

2002 26 November COPENHAGEN IST IS for FUN

15-17 November, Amsterdam, Doors of Perception: SMARTlab presentation by Jo Gell in the Open Doors Competition,
THINKtank participation by Lizbeth Goodman and Jo Gell regarding the future of interactive design.

2002 November 4-6 Little Shalwyn, SMARTshell retreat

2002 November 1-8 Oval House Theatre PLAYshop for artists with disabilities

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