Learning and Creativity: ICT 2008

Learning and Creativity: Creatively Learning and Learning to Be Creative

26/11/2008 (14:00-15:30)

Learning and creativity are closely related. They are both fundamental human experiences, influenced by factors such as motivation, imagination and intuition, and they are similarly affected by context and cultures.

The purpose of this session is to discuss the role of technologies at the crossroads of human creativity, cognitive and learning processes. The discussion should help to identify novel ICT-based approaches that would effectively mediate and nurture the synergies between these processes. The panellists and audience will be asked to identify how and under which conditions ICT could facilitate the emergence of creative and innovative practices, creative behaviours, critical thinking and problem-solving (in education and organisations) in order to support the production of new ideas and the application of knowledge for social and economic benefits.

Chair: Lizbeth Goodman (SMARTlab UK, University of East London, United Kingdom)


Yrjö ENGESTRÖM (Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research, University of Helsinki, Finland), Professor

Gerhard FISCHER (University of Colorado, Boulder, Computer Science, United States)

Lars NYENGAARD (LEGO Company, LEGO Education, Innovation, Denmark)

Session organiser: Marco MARSELLA (European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, Luxembourg)

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