Kasia Molga’s ‘Breaking News’

Kasia Molga’s latest interactive installation “Breaking News” won a place at the ‘Interactive Gallery” show, as a part of the b.Tween08 festival at the Museum of Science, Manchester.

Breaking News was selected from a number of entries and with four other installations it competed for the “best in the gallery” prize. It didn’t win the main prize but it won something much better: Kasia was commissioned to create a similar installation for the Museum collection!

“Breaking News” was previously shown at the FILMobile festival. The visual which manifests in a form of projected interactive installation, takes everyday news headlines and positions them against personal news stories told by spectators via sms facilities. Both headlines and people’s stories are published and visually manifests as dynamic elements constructing together a picture – in this case a landscape where news headlines from various rss feeds create waves and sea, text messages sent by spectators bring to live small, animated elements which “populate” this landscape, making it more lively and interesting.

Without the active input of the spectator the picture would show a “sea of news” and the landscape wouldn’t be completed.

b.TWEEN is a unique cross media gathering where interactive ideas are seeded, shared and sold. It is about knowledge sharing, being inspired, learning from peers and doing deals.

‘Interactive Gallery’ is part of the festival and shows “technology-enabled, life-enriching, glee-inducing works that will engage young and old alike.”


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