FLiP, on Fashion’s Night Out in NYC, Sept. 10th 5-7 p.m.

SMARTlab researcher and Designer Daria Dorosh, PhD, Launches a One-of-a-Kind Fashion House, with a Social, Economic and Environmental Agenda, to Carve a New Sustainable Niche in the Fashion Industry and Support Young Designers.

Fashion Lab in Process, (FliP™) a new company created and directed by FIT educator and artist, Daria Dorosh, will be showing its first collection of garments and accessories to the public in a ‘fashion theater’ program at the American Folk Art Museum Branch Gallery, 2 Lincoln Square, @ 65-66 St., on Friday September 10th, 5–7 p.m., in tandem with NYC’ Fashion’s Night Out.

For the launch, FliP™ Fashions will be surrounded by video, art, and performance to celebrate its reconstructed, repurposed, “don’t-waste-anything” aesthetic. The public is invited to join in the fun, watch a garment makeover demonstration, and walk away with a unique fashion item. Fashion Lab in Process will demonstrate how mass produced fashion can be made sustainable by being transformed into one-of-a-kind fashions through a process that re-values garments and involves the public in a unique fashion experience.

The concept behind FLiP™ is to bring designers and customers together through a creative retail experience. Fashion Lab in Process is ready to share its novel concept and program that increases opportunities for young designers and how it can be customized by FliP™ for retailers who would like a fashion makeover in their store.

On view will be Dorosh’s line of ‘Wrist Loops’, jeweled textile accessories for both women and men, and fashions by eco-conscious designers, among them Meiling Chen of Fearlessdreamer, Phaedra Elizabeth, Laura Bond, and the local sustainable design collaborative of Melissa Kirgan and Xing-ZhenChung-Hilyard of eko-lab. A special fashion performance by artist Meghann Snow will be on-going in the AFAM window.

Daria Dorosh invites visitors to meet the young designers of the FliP™ fashion team, and hear about the Lab’s public performance process, sustainable design philosophy and the social responsibility agenda for this time in the fashion world and beyond. For the launch event, the fashions will be available to visitors as well as to buyers interested in ordering from the prototypes on display.

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