‘Fit to Survive?’ New short film by Leslie Hill and Helen Paris broadcast on Channel 4 and screened througout the UK in 2009.

‘Fit to Survive?’, a new short film by Dr. Leslie Hill and Helen Paris was broadcast on Channel 4 at 7.55pm on the 12th of February (Darwin’s 200th birthday) as part of the Three Minute Wonders series.

The film was also screened at the Natural History Museum, as part of the Darwin200 event, and the duo  gave an artist talk on the 12th Feb at 2:30pm at the NHM.

Leslie Hill is Principal Researcher in Performance Technologies at SMARTlab and is Co—Director of Studies for the Practice-based PhD Progamme.  She jointly owns Curious with Helen Paris. They they describe their influence for the film as:

“Ever since we heard about the continent of trash floating in the Pacific, we’ve been haunted by knowing it’s out there. Darwin developed many of his ideas about evolution through observing biodiversity on Pacific islands, so when asked to make a short film for the Darwin anniversary we wanted to point out the grim irony and ask what species will be ‘fit to survive’ in the new environments we are creating.”

The film is part of the Darwin Originals series commissioned by Artsadmin, DVDance and Channel 4, funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The films will be screened at venues, museums and festivals in the UK and abroad throughout 2009.


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