ecoLogicStudio links with MAGICbox to fabricate components for ‘OUT THERE:ARCHITECTURE BEYOND BUILDING’ at the Venice Architectural Biennale

Toby Borland, MAGICbox Researcher/Manager has linked-up with ecoLogicStudio this autumn to support their project ecoMachines: “the making of artificial ecologies” for the 11th International Architecture Exhibition ‘Out There: Architecture Beyond Building’, running in Venice from September 14th to November 23rd.

About ecoMachines: “the making of artificial ecologies”:

“In an age of unprecedented interaction between the natural and the artificial realms we are confronted with the necessity to develop instruments of transformation equipped with an embedded capacity of constant adaptation and self evaluation. As nature is becoming more and more hybridized with embedded artificiality, the ethical paradigm of natural conservation is progressively losing its value and needs to be replaced with more adaptive mechanisms of management and direct evaluation of the effects of human transformation of natural ecosystems; we call this mechanism ecoMachines.

ecoMachines provide a material and operational framework to deal with change and transformation, the two main defining qualities of our new understanding of urban ecology; moreover they support interaction between heterogeneous systems, such as social, infrastructural, architectural and environmental ones; they allow us to sense, register and manipulate in our daily life the unfolding processes defining our cities, our houses and our artificial environments.

ecoMachines turns us all into ecologists in the most operational sense of the term.”

Project by ecoLogicStudio with support from MAGICbox.

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