Dr Taey Kim’s holds second major solo show at Trunk Gallery, Seoul

Taey-KimDr Taey Kim, a former PhD student at SMARTlab (in collaboration with the School of English, Drama and Film at UCD) holds her second major solo show, titled ‘Restless’, at Trunk Gallery in Seoul, opening on 5th December, and funded by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Arts Council Korea.

Dr Kim completed her PhD in October 2013 and has been invited to work as an artist-in-residency at Geumcheon Art Space in the Community & Research project. Her new performance, ‘Flux of Sleepings’ was reviewed as a pivotal work at the exhibition, ‘Here, There and Everywhere (20 Nov-10 Dec)’ organised by Seoul Art Space.

She will launch her first edited book, ‘Restless: Art Writing Anthology’ along with her solo exhibition on 18th December.


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