Digital Art, Wearable Technology and Extra-Sensory Media

When: Friday March 20th, 2009

Where: MAGIC PLAYroom, SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, University of East London
Cost: Free! (pre-booking essential) RSVP:

Monday 16th February 2009, 3-8pm
This informal event brings together leading designers, scholars and artists to explore artist-created non-verbal communications, sensory, visualisation and performance based technologies that encourage creativity in new ways.

Dr Diana Domingues (Brazil), Sara Diamond (Canada), Elena Corchero (Scotland/Spain), Dr. Daria Dorosh (USA) and Camille Baker (Canada) will join Professor Lizbeth Goodman (SMARTlab/Futurelab) to present and discuss some of their highly progressive work. Keynotes will be followed by a wearable technology/fashion show & tell with some of the SMARTfashion team who will demonstrate some work in progress. This is very informal and should be great fun!

The evening session will be preceded by a BBC R&D sponsored MINDtouch workshop in the afternoon, open to all and led by Camille Baker. Bring along your mobile phone to take part in a relaxing and meditative global art project which will help generate imagery towards a larger, mobile networked, performative and collaborative and non-linear montage!

WORKSHOP 3 – 6pm:

BBC MINDtouch workshop with Camille Baker: Mind Media & Mobile Sensory Experience
Sponsored by BBC R&D, MINDtouch is led by Camille Baker and explores the concepts and sensations of ‘liveness’ and ‘presence’ in uncovering new applications for mobile technologies and wearable devices. The research involves the use of biosensor devices, interacting with mobile phones as the main computing technology, while studying performers and other participants with the device, in order to understand which interactions and bodily sensations are meaningful and when they occur. Read More (PDF)>>

(Bring your own mobile phone to take part in this relaxing and meditative experience)



Keynotes by Dr Diana Domingues (University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil) and Sara Diamond (Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada), followed by a wearable technology/fashion show & tell with Elena Corchero (of Distancelab, Scotland), Dr Daria Dorosh (Fashion Institute of Technology, New York) and the SMARTfashion team at UEL. Chaired by Professor Lizbeth Goodman.

Dr. Diana Domingues is an artist, professor, senior researcher and coordinator of the NTAV Laboratory New Technologies in Visual Arts – University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil. Diana is developing art/science collaborative practices, focusing on the biological and artificial systems potentials in order to create artistic projects. She explores interactive and immersive environments and complex living systems, caves, networked installations, augmented reality, multilocal and mobile connections.

Sara Diamond is President of the Ontario College of Art and Design and was the Founder and Artistic Director of Media and Visual Art the Banff New Media Institute. Sara has developed the CodeZebraOS conversation visualisation tool to serve as a bridge technology between online social interaction and live events, including the use of wearable technologies in performance, club experiences and fashion. She will discuss screen-based, wearable and multi-modal interaction projects inspired by CodeZebraOS as well as future research.

Keynotes will be followed by a wearable technology/fashion show & tell with established designer Elena Corchero, fashion design professor Daria Dorosh of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and current work in progress with the SMARTfashion team and MAGICbox. Read More>>

(Cheese and wine will be served)


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