Cyberfashion Show at Siggraph

Dr. Lizbeth Goodman

Founder and Director of Safespaces.Net
and Director of the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute UK, wears the Safetywear Line v2.0

Safeywear for the SafetyNET Project: high fashion providing and hiding safety technologies to help stop violence against women and children worldwide.

SafetyWEAR is designed for two purposes:
to promote the project’s work with a smart, fashionable line that women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds can comfortably wear; and to provide ‘undercoverwire’ wearable technology tools and triggers to connect to the SafetyNET online, without wearers being noticeable or audible while making their request for help. SafetyNET is a global cyber cafe project that uses the power of new technologies to help stop violence against women and children, quietly linking them to information about domestic violence through online access. In the “safe spaces” of moderated chat rooms, participants communicate with domestic violence specialists, volunteer attorneys, survivors of abuse, and mentors. The project is operating in North America, North Africa and throughout Europe. First phase installations are underway in Asia and Latin America.

SafetyNET/SMARTlab with Bodkin Designs, Gayil Nalls, BBC & UCD present the Undercoverwire Corset & Bodice, hiding a spatial sensing system that anybody can access and use, designed to help a woman in need find a safe space un her physical world without setting off alarms. . .

The Corset and Bodice are washable and come in many fabrics and styles suitable to day wear in the developing world as well. Corset and Bodice with SMARTglove hiding wires and camoflauging the handheld screen, all by by Tara and Kathy Mooney of Bodkin Designs Dublin, with bespoke JET wifi/Bluetooth/gprs-mobile enabled rescue & escape system by Jose Marinez.

Also on show is the amazing Pendant Flacon by artist Gayil Nalls, holding the world social sculpture World Sensorium scent, a mix of the scent imprints of 230 countries statically formulated as one incredible signature scent.

The World Sensorium scentworks are held in the Scentscory bag with LED display, made by Katherine Milton as part of the Ludica Wearables workshop.

World Sensorium – In the spirit of planetary good will, fills the auditorium with paperworks embedded with the World Sensorium, created by Gayil Nalls. Share in a collective memory of the world as one. Keep one and breath in the scent of non-violence.

Presentation supported by

SMARTlab & L Microsoft, with thanks to Ludica, @Lab, Bodkin Designs, BBC R&D and UCD.

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