Bruce Damer’s PhD research ‘The EvoGrid’ gets a plug on


SMARTLab PhD Student Bruce Damer is receiving considerable attention for his PhD Research on ‘The EvoGrid: Simulating Pre-Biotic Emergent Complexity’.

Released this morning on, ‘Toy Universe’ Could Solve Life’s Origins‘ was written by Leslie Mullen after an interview with Damer at an Origin of Life conference in Spain, this May. Damer highlights that Mullen has done a sterling job of making this research topic understandable.

After dreaming up the concept up with a group of international advisors, Damer and his chief architect, Peter Newman, are now developing the EvoGrid using GROMACS, a powerful open source molecular dynamics simulator originally developed at The University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Damer plans to construct a model of a ‘toy universe’, which has approximate properties of the early oceans on Earth.

The Evogrid is conceived to have volunteer computers become part of an interconnected grid for maximum processing capacity and Damer hopes to eventually get a million computers hooked into the grid.

The EvoGrid:

More on Bruce Damer’s work and organizations: article:

A number of further articles about this project have appeared in other sites around the web including MSNBC, Chris Jablonski’s blog on ZDNet and on the Russian site DRIVE2.RU (July 2-6th, 2009)

Bruce has put links to these and other stories into his website at:

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