Anita McKeown represents SMARTlab, UCD at a STEM + Art Roundtable, ISEA2012, New Mexico, September 19-24, 2012

Queen-Mary SMARTlab’s CATALYST Manager Anita McKeown will be partaking in this year’s eighteenth International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2012) STEM + Art (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math + Art education) Roundtable discussion; a key part of Intel’s Education Day, taking place on the 23rd September in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Roundtable discussion will explore how to incorporate STEM + Art into schools. Most agree that we need more interdisciplinary approaches and art-based methodologies in STEM education, and the ISEA2012 conference will surely fuel that desire. But how do we make that happen when we return to our classrooms and encounter the challenges of limited budgets and administrative support? Educators have been invited to explore solutions with those who are pioneering successful and thriving STEM + Art programmes.

Marie Reyna, Taos Pueblo Educator
Karin Moulton, 21st Century Arts Coordinator, STEM Institute at Taos Academy
Anita McKeown, CATALYST Manager, SMARTlab, University College Dublin, Ireland
Moderated by Scott Laidlaw, Imagine Education

Intel’s Education day is presented in collaboration with 516 ARTS.

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