SMARTlab’s Pierre Jolivet releases Coupling

New SMARTlab student Pierre Jolivet, who has joined SMARTlab to explore Brainwave & Sensorial Perception, has produced his latest compositional contribution under the moniker of ‘Pacific 231’ for a limited edition book and CD entitled Coupling.

Coupling is a compilation of work from 26 artists that celebrates the life and work of experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Silent Media has released a limited edition run of 500 books and CDs containing a collection of sound, word and image compositions by various artists, comprising video stills, photography, oil and mixed-media images. The CD and booklet are housed in a letterpressed 14pt. card stock envelope currently breathing life into the gears and pistons at Starbage Hands Press.

In a recent interview with the editor of Coupling about his involvement in the project, Pierre Jolivet explained that his composition ‘re-interprets a traditional instrument and defines the perceptual relationship of sound toward the artist as Brakhage redefined film as a medium’.

To obtain a copy please visit:

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