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SMARTlab Info (July 2009)

MAGICbox Info (July 2009)

Lost & Found
Lost & Found (June 2009)

Eyelight (February 2009)
SMARTlab PhD Graduation
PhD Graduation (October 2008)

Duets for Eyes
Duets for Eyes (August 2008)

Eva Conference and Screening
Eva Screening (15 July 2008)

NESTA Fellows (June 2008)
Fashion Futures
Fashion Futures (June 2008)

Duet for Eyes (April 2008)

Duet for Eyes Programme
Duet for Eyes (April 2008)

7 movements of James
7 movements of James (March 2008)
Artist Exile, Kasias Artwork
Artist Exile (January 2008)

Microsoft (December 2007)

X-mas Lecture (November 2007)

Show & Tell

The SMARTlab Show & Tell Seminar Series is a programme of social events hosted by the SMARTlab at UCD.

In a relaxed environment, each event aims to share the breadth of knowledge and expertise of SMARTlab’s world-class researchers, artists, scholars, technologists and policy makers. The international team shares a commitment to creative technology innovation for positive social change with a ‘universal design’ ethos. The team works in collaboration with specialists in e-business and designing for sustainable development, social changes and community well being.

SMARTlab comprises live artists, performers, dance and movement specialists, visual artists, filmmakers, photographers, sculptors, textile experts, fashion designers, poets/writers, composers/musicians, sound artists, VR engineers, programmers, game designers and coders, and interface designers.

Previous events:


Thursday 28 January 2010 Professor Lizbeth Goodman and Dr Mick Donegan with Punk Vikingson ‘InterFACES: for Very Special Creative People’
Friday 19 February 2010 Sketching Music: Composition and Representation with Dr. Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut
Friday 4 June 2010 Demetrios G Sampson
on ‘Technology-enhanced Learning: 
Key Research Challenges’.


25 June 2009 Dr Leslie Hill on ‘Gut Feelings’
17-26 July 2009 PhD Seminar – No Show & Tell seminar!
August 2009 Holiday month – No Show & Tell seminar!
Dr Deveril on ‘Video making as a learning tool: towards simplification and accessibility’.
16-25 October 2009 PhD Seminar – No Show & Tell seminar!
Tues 17 November 2009 Chris Hales on ‘Kinoautomats, Interactive Movies, Noodlefilms and Live Cinema: What’s in a Name?’
Thurs 10 December 2009 Dr Esther MacCallum on ‘The Street Smarts of a Cartoon Princess’

Podcasts & Videos

The team around Prof Lizbeth Goodman join teachers at Three Ways Special School to work with the young people of the school and to investigate music therapy applications within special needs situations. (December 2009)

In this podcast Rebecca O’Brien is joined by Professor Lizbeth Goodman who is Professor of Creative Technology Innovation, Director of SMARTlab Digital Media Institute1 & MAGIC (Multimedia and Games Innovation Centre) at the University of East London and also Director of FutureLab2. Professor Goodman will be giving one of the keynote speeches at the JISC 2009 Conference3 in Edinburgh.

JISC 2009 Conference Tag

>>Listen to the JISC Conference

Inter.ACT: Prof Lizbeth Goodman, founder of the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute with some provocative ideas on how a small amount of our time could be used to make a real difference through the virtual world.

17 November 2009

ICT Qatar: Dr. Lizbeth Goodman, Director of the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute and Michael Thatcher, Regional Technology Officer, MEA for Microsoft Corporation. Dr. Goldman spoke of the impact of assistiv…

08 November 2009

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