Dr Deveril

PhD Co-Convenor and Researcher


Deveril is an expert in leading, documenting and assessing movement and video-based projects, especially those in school environments or with teachers and young people (in mixed ability groups). His academic work has included investigating the use of hypertext techniques in the analysis of dance. His practical work has been across the areas of dance-on-screen (artistic and documentary); live and mediated performance; teaching and facilitating filmmaking; and a variety of youth projects. He is an independent filmmaker, who trained as a director and video-editor. Recent work has given him DVD-authoring expertise and high-definition experience. Deveril has worked in a range of contexts in the arts, as a teacher, researcher and supervisor across higher education, and as a writer of academic, film and other texts. His film and video work has been shown on television and in festivals, and his academic writing has been published by Dance Books and Macmillan-Palgrave. Dr Deveril has been supervising SMARTlab PhDs since 2007 and in that time has completed a number of short films, acted as technical director on the annual Smash! project in North Devon, been involved in a joint exhibition at Novas Gallery in London, completed a chapter in the book Decentring Dance (Lansdale, 2008) and extended his writing practice into short films.
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