Stuck On the Web

Stuck On the Web is an experimental convergent media project seeking to release the next generation of living people from getting ‘stuck’ in front of their computer screens for too long. We all receive too much email, are asked to send too many documents and to visit too many websites. It’s easy to get lost or ‘stuck’ on the web. But with co-operation and creativity, it’s also possible to find riches and friends out there on those ‘unknown terraces of web time and space’.

Join Dr Tobias Warpknut, Dr L Yves, the Anorak, and children around the world as they race against time to release our characters from life on a webcam, and into the wide world itself!

Dr Lizbeth Goodman (SMARTlab), Christopher Hales (SMARTlab and RCA), Henry Naylor and Mike Williams (Dare Digital) are co-directors of an online comedy production company known as STUCK ( STUCK develops and creates entertainment programming for convergent media, using improvised comedy techniques in webcast experimentation within a collaborative drama and storytelling structure.

STUCK International

also includes Clilly Castiglia, Kevin Feeley, and Mike Uretsky.
Sample animations are provided by PESKY and UNIS/BBC R&D, and by the SMARTlab and CATlab teams.

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