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Embodiment Theory & User Interface Devices

This is project is part of a practice-based performance media research work-in-progress for a PhD at the SMARTlab PhD program at the University of East London, under Dr. Lizbeth Goodman. This research is being conducted through BBC Funding at the SMARTlab Media Institute PhD Program.

The intention of this project is to contribute to performance technology studies by investigating’liveness and presence’ within the context of a specific networked, mobile media performance research project, currently underway, in order to uncover any new understandings that may have emerged from the use of new wireless and mobile technologies.

This project explores ideas of non-verbal transference, telepathic collaboration, and the participant as performer, using biofeedback and mobile phone technology under meta-goals of studying “liveness” within mobile networked environments.

This project involves creating a mobile networked performance that utilizes a database of archived of streamed and/or archived video clips created by video enabled mobile phones, to then be retrieved, streamed and remixed during a live visuals performance(s). The event or events will form a performative, collaborative, non-linear narrative montage or remix, that will possibly be streamed back out to anyone’s phone and the internet, and then archived. These events will be starting in London, UK in July + October, Vancouver in Aug/Sept, and possibly Perth and Asia next year.

Participants are considered the performers / collaborators in creating clips for several live’mixed? events and a unique performances from the mobile video archive, to help type of collective consciousness. The participants invited to participate in the video blogs are asked to explore their own consciousness, non-verbal emotional / affective senses and dream states, embodiment, communication, using of mobile media tools to express themselves non-verbally.

This research explores mobile video/media on phones for their immediacy, low quality – imperfectness, but spontaneity, at the speed of thought – with its rewriting, superimposing, and remixing of ideas, flashes and clashes of images and emotion, layering of meaning and stream of consciousness and equivalent – or simulation of telepathy and collective, if chaotic intelligence.

This project explores concepts such as: live versus simulated/virtual, liveness, presence, internal / non-verbal expression, body-machine interfaces and sensors, media art and performance practices that investigate role of performer versus the experience of the viewer, the participation of the audience in networked mobile media performances, current explorations in mobile media performance practices, social aspects and site-specificity of networked performance events, networks, locative media and wireless devices in media performance practices, live / performance art history and practice, VJing or live cinema practice, media art reception and interactivity, social mobility practices and more.

More details and videos can be seen http://www.swampgirl67.net

Recent Bio

(Sensor vest designed and made by Tara Mooney and Rachel Lasebikan)

Camille Baker is a PHD Candidate with the SMARTlab at the University of East London, researching Mobile Performance Media. Her research interests include: mobile devices, video art, live cinema, performance and interactive media, responsive environments, media art installation, telematics, new media curating and networked communities.

Camille’s background ranges from music composition, singing and performance, to Executive Director/Curator of The Escape Artists Society in Vancouver, Canada, and Lead Curator, Conference Director and Co-Performance Art Curator for New Forms Festival in Vancouver, to editor-in-chief of an online pop-culture relationship support magazine – Tales of Slacker Bonding (2000-2003), to new media and web design /development, to documentary and online video and animation, to media art instructor, to visual arts curating, to sculpture and modern dance performance.

As a curator/artist-performer/researcher within various forms of art practice (installation, experience design, video art, web animation, performance and music), Camille continues to redefine her practice, both conceptually and practically.

Camille recently presented at MobileFest in Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 2008; FilMobile Conference and Exhibition, London, April 2008; MobileFest London December 2007; Cultural Studies NOW Conference 2007, University East London; Knowledge London 2007, University of Westminster, London; The New Forms Festival 2006: TRANSFORMATIONS, ArtCamp: un-Conference on Art, Vancouver, Canada; The Planetary Collegium’s Consciousness Reframed 2004: Qi and Complexity Conference, Beijing, China, November 2004 and many more.

See her portfolio online at www.swampgirl67.net

Embodiment Theory & User Interface Devices: BBC Project

Project Team:

Co-PIS: Dr Marc Price BBC & Professor Lizbeth Goodman, Project Director
Lead Researchers: Camille Baker & Dr Susan Kozel
The BBC is sponsoring a PhD project leading to a PhD dissertation by Camille Baker regarding the use of Embodiment Theory & User Interface.

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