MAGIC and PLAYroom

The PLAYroom is SMARTlab’s studio for game making, game play, game research and innovation for community exchange. This is being re-located to SMARTlab’s new site at University College Dublin as part of SMARTlab’s CATALYST initiative.

The PLAYroom provides space for free play: projects based in the PLAYroom will focus exclusively on gaming and play, whilst emphasising knowledge transfer, partnership with the private and public sectors, commercial development, and virtual and real world community projects. The PLAYroom will be a hub of activity within UCD, drawing together researchers from across disciplines and building on UCD’s existing areas of comparative advantage.

magic and playroom imagemagic and playroom image 2

As part of the CATALYST initiative we will also be re-locating our other projects: Immersive Play, Personal/Community Fabrication, and Open Input/Output devices. These flexible resources for rapid prototyping, testing, and researching new ideas in Games for Non-Gamers and for people of all levels of physical and learning ability will be arriving soon – Watch this space!

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