Tuesday Morning’s Student Presentations: Ron Edwards

Ron talks about collaboration and the many permutations and questions within metaverse augmented reality. He’s interested in virtual world and augmented reality.

Shows slide of lifeblog and Nokia technology.
Shows slide of mirror world and shows red spikes.
Shows example of overlay of data and google, flying around London. Amazing visualisation zooming off to the globe theatre.
Now zooming in onto a map which would be showing photo-realistic imagery. Example of virtual world over mirror world.
Now going off to Baghdad and talks about Fontera, a geospatially active world where he is now in. He is now having a conversation with a friend who is in London, but both are in virtual Baghdad.
His friend’s avatar is on the screen talking in real time. Friend talks about “snowcrash”.
His avatar waves goodbye. Ron says there are about one hundred virtual words out there.
What is it about virtual world? Will that lead to better decision’s being made?

He says can run scenarios for real live situations.

3D tools for tourists that help tourists to make decisions – these are some of the questions being asked by Nokia. He says phones can already do virtual worlds on the phone. Ron says will be at the forefront asking what the value will be.


Question: Will decisions be more effective?

If you have another avatar you can trust, what’s the value of visualising something together. Do you need face to face contact?

Question: Rob says studies show you need face to face interaction – Ron believes you probably don’t need to actually meet.

Questions about collaboration between members arise, Camilla and Ron; Babak and Ron, suggested by Bruce who’s done some work in this area. Taey says social interaction between the “geeks” and social observers is necessary. Question is seconded and more questions arise around gestures and body language. Suggests Kathy should speak to Ron about body gestures. Bruce says when they did their avatars they had a primate expert. Ron agrees.

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